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"Let me tell you about my experience with Kara. She is freaking amazing!!! When I tell you its life changing, it is!!!" I released a lot of emotions, I rewrote a lot of my stories, and I took ownership which then took my power back!


The techniques I learned helped me to trust my intuition and to get in touch with my higher self. I am grateful for all that I have learned in the time that we have spent together and also learning that being in a community of loving supportive people is an actual option for this busy working mom.


“One of the major things I got from working with Kara is that trusting my intuition now feels like second nature. The doubt or second guessing I used to have is gone. ”


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Spiritual and mindset practices for women ready to heal their wounds, channel their intuitive gifts and take aligned action as their Higher Self

About Me

Hey, girl! I’m Kara, a Spiritual Guide, Self-Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Psychic Medium.


My mission is to help women remember their magic so they can show up confidently in their self expression by teaching them how to love themselves and heal the wounds that have kept them small.


When we are in a place of self awareness, we are in our power. It is in this state that we can overcome the beliefs and experiences that have kept us in a low vibration. This is known as embodying your Higher Self.


Living in a disempowering energy is familiar to me because I struggled from low self esteem, anxiety, depression, and trauma in my past. Committing to making my healing a priority, forgiving what no longer served me and practicing daily rituals that supported my growth, I found my light again. Through intention, consistency, trust and action, I gained the confidence to develop my channeling abilities so that I could live from the power of my higher self, with the support of my Spirit Guides.

The transformation I experienced inspires me to be of service for you as we shine a light on your blind spots and activate your divine feminine that will support you in taking action with your intuition.


A pillar to the experience I’ve created for you is the knowing that the strength of our intuition is powered by the love and trust we have for ourselves.


I look forward to co-creating with you and your soul circle.


Mom & Personal Trainer

Hear it from our sisters

Jessica Rodriguez

Coach & Entrepreneur

Remember your magic by reconnecting with yourself

Your trauma and negative self talk does not define you.

You get to rewrite your story and experience the self-love and confidence that you desire. Embody the spiritual practices that strengthen the connection to your intuitive gifts so that you can thrive from the experiences you create and manifest.


Awaken Your Feminine

Experience the energy of your chakras through movement and meditation so that you can feel safe and confident in your self expression.

Heal Your Inner Child

Release limiting beliefs and experience a deep energetic and ancestral healing as you practice forgiveness.

Rituals For Empowered Expression

Build self confidence as you create your higher self blueprint and learn to take action supported by integrity.

Channel Your Spirit Guides

Activate your spiritual gifts as you develop a clear connection with your soul circle so that you can co-create and manifest a life that excites and fulfills you.

The AWAKEN Experience

AWAKEN is an online spiritual and personal development program that focuses on activating your psychic and intuitive gifts through self love so you can feel confident in becoming that next level you.

Your investment includes:

-1:1 coaching calls with Kara for live channeling, breakthroughs and support so you can move forward and take action on what fulfills you.
-A full body chakra activation and recalibration to discover any limiting beliefs and realign your energy so you can express yourself from a place of divinity.
-Workbooks and personalized guided meditations for activation, reflection, and deep integration.
-Access to Kara outside of your calls for lasting support and guidance.
-Access to our online AWAKEN Academy to connect with other like-hearted women who are ready to support you in your magic.

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