Her Intuition

You are here because of perfect divine timing and the intuitive nudges you've been getting from your

Spirit Guides.

You've been on a journey of self love and self discovery and are ready to receive guidance on how to elevate your life and daily practices. Each experience is intended to provide you with high quality guidance and coaching to support you with what you're moving through.


To elevate your experience and to give you access to my superpowers, I will be holding space as your psychic medium to channel your soul circle and bring you high quality messages and action steps.


I invite you to read through the different options below and choose an experience that aligns most with what your soul is asking of you.

Have questions about which experience is most aligned for you? Click and book your discovery call so I can share all of this juiciness with you.

Experience Pure Magic

60 minute Channeling Experience

Get the answers you've been searching for, connect with your Higher Self or speak with a deceased loved one in this 60 minute channeling experience. Kara will bring you the messages, downloads and action steps that will support you in moving forward with peace, clarity and confidence.

Becoming your Higher Self; 3 Pack Experience 

Take your power back and begin to feel like you again as you start to align with the energy of your Higher Self. During these three weeks we will focus on activating your chakras, declutter and clear out your aura, and elevate your mindset so can can manifest with confidence.

AWAKEN your Higher Self; Spiritual and Personal Development Experience

Receive the full spiritual awakening experience as we deep dive into who you are and who you dream of becoming. Over the next 2 months we will explore your goals, wants, desires and spirutal gifts so you can express your magic with confidence. Learn more about who you are, what is holding you back, how to embody confidence, what your unique gifts are, how to work with them, and how to manifest with ease, joy and fulfillment.

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Thank you, Goddess!