Her Intuition

Embody your Higher Self by reconnecting with your magic

Monday, May 31st at 3:33pm AST Via Zoom

You are a multifaceted, multidimensional Goddess who has lived many lifetimes. In each life, you’ve acquired so many lessons, teachings and skills that you’re meant to access to serve and support yourself and others. This divine wisdom lives inside of your DNA, cells and chakras and have been temporarily forgotten due to conditioning, trauma, fear and experiences.

Well girl, it’s time you lean into what no longer serves you so you can remember your power and experience true joy, fulfillment and abundance.

In this 60 minute workshop, I will be holding space as your Medium to guide you through an experience that will support you in reconnecting with your divine wisdom so you can show up and experience this life as your Higher Self.

This looks like:

Meeting your Higher Self through a guided meditation led by Kara

Awakening your Higher Self through powerful journal prompts

Activating your Feminine Energy through dancing and twerking

Reconnecting you to your body through breath work and intention

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Thank you, Goddess!